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Civil Fees

Small Claim (One Defendant)    $59.00
(Each additional Defendant)   $10.00
Civil action, including Cognovit Judgment (One Defendant)   $96.00
(Each Additional Defendant)   $10.00
Transfer from Small Claim to regular (by party requesting)   $96.00
To Re-Open, Vacate, or Modify a case   $60.00
Answer with Cross-Claim or Third Party Complaint ( One Defendant)   $60.00
(Each Additional)   $10.00
Publication for Service   $200.00
Publication upon Order of Sale   $275.00
Release (Satisfaction)   $5.00
To issue a Certificate of Judgment   $5.00
Motion for Contempt (Show Cause) (with Sheriff Service)   $100.00
(by certified mail)   $10.00
Notice of Appeal   $152.00

Proceedings in Aid of Execution (Wage Garnishment, Bank attachment)

(plus fees to Garnishee per Revised Code)

Garnishment Report (Interim or Final - each report)   $35.00
Execution   $260.00
Appraiser's fee when required ($50.00 X3)   $150.00
Request for Sheriff Service *   $100.00
Request for Certified Mail Service )item not listed above)   $10.00
Request for Certificate of Mailing (per defendant)   $5.00
Writ of Restitution (including $200.00 deposit for Sheriff's service)   $206.00

Subpeaona, one witness (including $100.00 depsoit for Sheriff's service*)

(plus fee and mileage directly to witness - $6.00 per half day and .10 per mile both ways)

 Civil Jury Demand (inadvance from whoever demands jury)   $150.00
Debtor's Exam   $45.00
(each additional defendant)   $5.00

* The $100.00 deposit for Sheriff's service includes up to three (3) attempts at service. If the party requesting service deposits $200.00, then the Sheriff will attempt service for the reasonable number of times necessary to accomplish service or to determine that service may not be had. The larger deposit for service is required for a Writ of Restitution. In any case, all of the unused deposit will be refunded.

Except as specifically modified above, the Clerk shall charge as costs the sums authorized by R.C. 2303.20 for similar services and procedures in Common Pleas Court

New Fee Schedule Effective August 7, 2008

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