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Jury Trials are held in the Common Pleas Court and in the Columbiana County Municipal Court. Jurors are chosen at random from the list of the registered voters who are bona fide residents of Columbiana County. Jurors must be at least 18 years of age and they must not have lost their right to serve on a jury by having been convicted of certain crimes. Beyond those requirements, everyone is given the opportunity to be a juror regardless of age or occupation. Under very special circumstances, a person may be excused from jury service. All questions regarding jury selection should be addressed to the Jury Commissioner at (330) 424-7777, ext 1108.


Most jurors will be selected to serve on a "petit jury". The number of jurors required is determined by the type of case and the court in which the proceedings will be held. The judge generally decides to have alternate jurors selected in case something should happen to one of the original jury panel during the trial. Jurors selected for service on a "petit jury" for the Common Pleas Court are "on call" for one (1) week. Jurors selected for service on a "petit jury" for the Columbiana County Municipal Court are "on call" for one (1) month. The "grand jury" does not decide guilt or innocence. Rather these jurors hear evidence and decide whether a person should be "indicted" and tried for committing a crime. Persons selected on a grand jury serve a one (1) month term.


Prospective jurors receive a questionnaire, which must be completed and returned in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. (All information received will be treated confidentially). This packet will also include your juror number, the dates of your service and the telephone number to be used during your "on call" week or month. Jurors are instructed to call the evening before their service date. The recorded message will provide instructions for those who are required to report for duty. Upon arrival at the designated court, jurors are directed to the waiting area and then escorted to the courtroom. In the courtroom, all prospective jurors take an oath or affirm that they will truthfully answer all questions posed to them by the judge and the attorneys. The purpose of the questioning (voir dire) is to determine if there is some reason why it might be difficult for a juror to be fair and impartial in the case being tried. After paying close attention to the witnesses, the evidence and the judge's instruction, jurors go to the deliberation room. A foreperson is elected to ensure that all issues are considered and every juror is given a chance to participate. When the verdict is reached, the jurors agreeing to the verdict sign the verdict form and notify the bailiff. The jury returns to the courtroom and the judge reads the verdict and the jury is dismissed. Most jurors find jury duty a positive experience. They have the opportunity to learn about the legal system and gain an understanding of the important contribution made by jurors. Their service is of significant benefit to the entire community.

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