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Common Please Court Legal Fees:

The Clerk of Courts SHALL require an advance deposit for security for costs before filing of any court actions or proceedings, including action for divorce or alimony. Such advance deposits shall be in accordance with the following schedule: (Effective date: May 1, 2011)

Dissolution of Marriage, Divorce, Alimony    $275.00
Money Only and Other Civil Actions    
1 to 2 Defendants   $130.00
3 to 5 Defendants   $150.00
6 to 10 Defendants   $200.00
Over 10 Defendants   $250.00
Additional fee for Foreclosure cases for Sheriff processing   $300.00
Additional fee for reactivating (Alias, Pluries etc.)   $100.00
To Reopen Case (Civil)   $60.00
To Reopen Domestic Relations Case   $92.00
Motion to Change Custody   $92.00
Answer and Cross-Complaint with Request   $60.00
Third Party Complaint with Request   $60.00
Publication for Service   $600.00
Publication (Upon the Filing of an Order of Sale)   $600.00
Appraiser's Fees (Upon the Filing of an Order of Sale)   $200.00
To File a Certificate of Judgment (Other Court)   $40.00
To File a Certificate of Judgment from this Court   $45.00
To Make a Certificate of Judgment for Transfer   $5.00
Release of Judgment   $5.00
Notice of Appeal   $94.00
Execution (Foreign and from Other Courts)   $85.00
Execution (Certificate of Judgment previously filed)   $45.00
Cognovit Judgment with One (1) Defendant   $130.00
Cognovit Judgment with Two (2) Defendants   $130.00
Cognovit Judgment with Three (3) Defendants   $150.00
Cognovit Judgment with Four (4) Defendants   $150.00
Cognovit Judgment with Five (5) Defendants   $150.00
For Filing a Garnishment Action   $60.00
Modification of Garnishment Order   $60.00
For Arbitration Fee   $350.00
Out of County Service - Sheriff Fees   $30.00
Notice of Appeal of Arbitrator's Decision   $125.00
Precipe for Writ of Possession   $200.00
Precipe for Order of Possession   $200.00
Precipe for Writ of Possession   $200.00
Proceedings in Aid of Execution    
Debtor's Exam   $45.00
(Each Additional Defendant)   $5.00
Precipe for Execution   $295.00

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